Proraso Shaving Towel (40x80cm)

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100% Cotton Shaving Towel

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Soft and fluffy 100% cotton towel with the Proraso emblem and logo.

A professional barber, almost always starts by placing a hot towel on the areas to be shaved. Why not take this wonderful act home with you to your own bathroom as well?

The towel absorbs a lot of moisture and retains the soothing heat during use. The heat also opens the pores and softens the stubble, which makes shaving easier.

Dimensions: 40cm x 80cm.

Made in Italy.

Directions of Use
Before shaving, dip the towel in warm water and place on the area to be shaved.

After shaving, use the soft towel again to wipe the face.

100% Cotton.

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