Proraso Old Style Moustache Brush

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Classic Wood-handled Moustache Brush

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This classic wood-handled Moustache Brush, also suitable for the beard, is made using a combination of nylon and natural boar bristles for maximum control and shine. Firm bristles massage, smooth and tame, while helping to disperse natural oils. Perfectly sized for home or travel.

Please Note: as it is a moustache brush it is smaller than conventional brushes.


Approx. 5.8cm x 4cm


Directions of Use

Use every day for maintenance needs. Brush while observing the natural trend and direction of the hair.

Whether you like a clean impeccable shave, a long pilgrim beard or anything in between, Proraso helps you to enjoy the best look. Contrary to popular belief, growing and caring for a moustache is not that easy. If you want to look like a gentleman and have a trendy moustache you need to trim, design and nourish it regularly. Moreover, especially in the first week of growing, you might need to prevent some discomforts such as itching or a burning sensation on your skin.

Wood handle with nylon and boar bristles.

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