Marvis Cinnamon Mint Toothpaste 25ml

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Fluoride Based Rich & Creamy Toothpaste

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This distinct toothpaste combines the exotic sweetness of cinnamon with the cooling taste of mint, which works to effectively clean teeth and refresh breath leaving you with a soft tingling sensation.

A rich and creamy toothpaste providing an intense sensation, with the use of a toothbrush it helps in removing plaque for an always extraordinary smile. 

Available in 2 different sizes 25ml & 85ml.

Fluoride based toothpaste.

Warm cinnamon flavour.

Low foaming and non-drying formulation.

Made in Italy.


Directions of Use

Place a small amount of toothpaste on the brush head and hold at a 45-degree angle to your gums. Brush do not scrub your teeth hard. Outer to Inner, start cleaning the outer surface of your teeth. Two minutes, twice a day.

Same applies to brushing with an electric toothbrush but here you move the brush from tooth to tooth.

Glycerin, Aluminum Hydroxide, Aqua, Silica, Aroma (Flavour), Cellulose Gum, Titanium Dioxide, Xylitol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Fluoride, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Cinnamyl Alcohol, Cinnamal, Limonene & Eugenol.

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