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Media Coverage

"Ireland's biggest range for men in one place"  -  The Irish Times 


"Ireland's largest store for shaving products"  -  Irish Wedding Diary 

"This website offers loads of products to make shaving less intimidating"  -  Hot Press 

"Provides a wide range of shaving and skincare products"  -  RTE Ryan Tubridy Show is, pretty much, an essential resource for the man in your life. If he’s into skincare, this is the holy grail of websites for him. And if he’s not – well then a few choice purchases from said website will have him hooked in no time. -


"Quality products"  -  The Irish Independent

"The marvellous men's skincare site"  -  GCN

"The best brands for men"  -  The Irish Independent


"Products that make shaving a more enjoyable experience"  -  The Irish Examiner

"Wonder product"  -  Sunday Independent

"Free delivery and free samples"  -  Sunday World

"Look good ... Feel good"  -  The Irish Independent


"Have a man in your life who spends more time in the mirror than you? Or maybe a man who should get in front of a mirror a little more? We all know facial hair is a la mode, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be looked after. You’ll find a huge range of grooming products at, from beard oils, to cleansers and trimming kits. Everything is packaged beautifully and masculinely enough not to put him off." - Life & Style- The Irish Times

"High performance shaving and grooming products"  -  The Irish Independent

"Ireland's largest online store for shaving, skincare and hair care products just for men"  -  Metro

"The best in gift ideas"  -  The Leitrim Observer 


"Those discrete brown packages your significant other gets delivered every now and then are (more than likely), very innocent male grooming products delivered from the likes of" - "THE SECRETIVE WORLD OF THE IRISH MALE REVEALED"


"One of the best sites around"  -  Metro

"Hundreds of the worlds best shaving and men's skincare brands"  -  The Buzz

"An online destination for grooming products"  -  The Sunday Times

"You can buy the worlds best grooming ranges made for men"  -  Irish Wedding Diary

"Check out for better shaves, healthier skin and great gift ideas this Christmas"  -  Newstalk106

"Men in need of a little help need look no further"  -

"Our favourite Irish website as the products are top notch and delivery is free"  -  Sunday World

"Check out … At long last"  -  Irish Independent

"If you'd like some groomed confidence, be a beauty browser and log onto"  -  GCN

"Their prices are very competitive"  -  Sunday World

"Enormous range of grooming products"  -  Irish Wedding Diary

"High performance men's grooming brands"  -  Irish Examiner

"Check out for better shaves and healthier skin"  -  TV3 Ireland AM

"Site of the day"  -  featured at

"Ireland's first online retailer for shaving, skincare and men’s grooming products"  -  RTE Guide

"Check out the new men only grooming website at"  -  Irish Independent

" has all the enlightened Irish male needs to look good"  -  Aer Arann Express It

"With a great selection of products from shave cream to moisturiser"  -  Ireland's Wedding Journal

"A website dedicated to the grooming requirements of men"  -  Golf Digest Ireland

"Top brands available on the top website"  -  Irish Wedding Diary

"Ireland’s first online retailer for men's grooming products"  -  Metro

"Not only a handy online shop for high-quality products but also a fountain of knowledge"  -  Hot Press

"For guys who are into their grooming"  -  Capital Magazine

"High performance grooming brands recommended by GQ, Arena & Esquire"  -  Free! Magazine

"A very good idea"  -  The Sunday Tribune

"The best-selling international brands"  -  The Sunday Tribune

" offers the ultimate advice in looking and feeling great"  -  Confetti

"For great gifts for guys have a fab range of shaving, skin care and hair care products from leading brands"  -  The Star

"An excellent destination to get ideas for Valentine Gifts for the man in your life"  -  Choice Magazine

"All ranges are developed specifically for men, and not extensions of women's brands"  -  Bash magazine

"Top quality personal grooming products … a cut above equivalent high-street brands"  -  Outsider Magazine

"The best Male Grooming products"  -  Business Plus

"The largest selection of Shaving, Skin Care and Hair Care products available"  -  Social and Personal

"Inspired Valentine's gifts for guys"  -  Image Magazine

"To help all Irish men look good"  -  Irish Wedding Diary ­

"Impressive roll call of brands … well worth a trawl"  -  Sunday Tribune

"Ireland's biggest retailer of high-performance Shaving, Skin Care and Hair Care products"  -  Hot Press

"Offering Irish men the world's best Grooming products"  -  InDublin

"The most wonderful website of all"   -  GCN

"Suits you Sir"  -  VIP

"Give your man the chance to pamper himself"  -  Sunday World Magazine

"Service of the Week"  -  Capital Magazine

"Website of the Week"  -  Woman's Way

"It's a one-stop shop to looking good"  -  GCN 

"A destination for high-performance brands"  -  Choice Magazine

"Just the thing for Ireland's closet male groomers"   -  Business & Finance

"We can't get through the week without it"  -  Ireland on Sunday

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