Eco Shaving Safety Razor - Gun Metal

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It’s time to say goodbye to plastic and hello to metal

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It’s time to say goodbye to plastic and hello to metal. This reusable Safety Razor is a great eco-friendly gift for your loved ones or for yourself. The weighted handle offers a comfortable, easy textured grip which provides maximum control, even when wet!

Make a style statement with this safety razor. Cruelty free and super sanitary, you no longer have to worry about hazardous chemicals that many disposable razors use.

For centuries, men used a safety razor during their morning routine. This time-tested product has been updated to include both excellent shaving performance and an eco-friendly design which ensures you look good without damaging our earth.

ThisChrome beauty comes with a pack of 10 individually wrapped expertly honed blades.


Weight 92g

Length 10.5cm

Blades fit all standard double edged razor blades.

Packaged in recycled cardboard, which is in turn is fully recyclable.

Safety razor created and designed in Ireland, manufactured in China.

Razor Blades made in Russia.

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