Dovo Shavette Aluminium Top with Black Plastic Handle

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Popular Aluminum Barber Shavette

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Popular Aluminum Barber Shavette

The shavette is a razor for interchangeable blades. It can be used just like a classic straight razor. Due to the possibility of changing the blade, it is extremely popular in the barber trade, as every customer receives a fresh blade. This version comes with a robust polyamide grip area and a silver aluminum back.

Due to its low density, aluminum is a real lightweight, which leads to the unique weight distribution of this shavette.

Polyamide is a thermoplastic material. It is characterized by outstanding strength and chemical resistance. Due to its low weight, it is very suitable for a shavette.

Comes in a plastic case with 2 black razor blade holders for classic blades and Merkur super blade.

Aluminum silver anodized.

Handle is made from plastic polyamide.

Dimensions: 13.2cm x 1.9cm x 1.1cm.


Made in Germany.


Directions of Use

First pull the blade holder out of the shavette, then break a classic razor blade lengthways in the paper and insert one half into the blade holder. Now fix the blade holder back in the interchangeable blade knife and you can start shaving. 

The shaving preparation, handling and blade guidance is the same as with a conventional straight razor.


 The appeal of a shavette is due to the low maintenance requirements. Washing off the blade holder and handle and rubbing it dry is more than enough. You can sporadically apply a drop of oil to the swivel joint so that opening it up is just as smooth as on the first day.

Aluminum silver & plastic.

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