Captain Fawcett's Wild Boar Bristle Beard Brush

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Beard Brush to Keep your Beard in Tip Top Condition

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Ensure your facial hair stays in shape and maintained in a truly tip top condition. When used regularly the naturally stiff bristles will stimulate the follicles that encourage hair growth and help keep your beard healthy and clean, whilst adding a lustrous shine to your pride and joy.

Handcrafted in finest oak.


Length: 92mm

Width: 50mm


Directions of Use

Wash and dry your facial hair. Brush out any knots, beardruff and trapped dirt, then evenly distribute your favourite Captain Fawcett's Beard Oil throughout your beard growth for a healthier, softer beard.

Rinse your brush with clean warm water after every use and dry it with a towel. Store in a dry place with bristles facing down.

Wild boar hair with oak base.

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