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About RazorPit

Inventor Morten Kjeldsen was frustrated with expensive razor blades that only lasted a short time before needing to be replaced. He together with founders Mikkel Salling (CEO) and Jesper Hvejsel (Product Development) they created a company called Firtal Brands

After rigorous testing of razor blades, they cut the blades in half to get a microscopic view of the blade edge. After only 30 days of working with the idea, they found the real problem. There was a coating on the razor blade edges, something was sticking to the edges and causing it to become thicker and thereby dull.

Discovering why the blades went dull was a major victory and the feeling of discovery was a big thing, but it also led to the next challenge. Were they able to restore the blade edge and make it sharp again? So, they listed all the materials that had some sort of cleaning or sharpening ability, they just needed to find the right material that could sharpen while removing residue from the blade edges.

Finally, they found that Thermoplastic Elastomer, which is a sort of silicone with a very high level of friction and a high level of softness, was the perfect fit to clean all the skin and grime off the blades. And so RazorPit was launched in November 2008.

Created, designed and owned by Firtal Brands, Risskov, Denmark.