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Duru Turkish Cologne

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About Duru

The word "Kolonya" comes from the word cologne, meaning fresh scented water. Since the Ottoman Empire, Kolonya has been a symbol of Turkish hospitality and health. Typically, Kolonya was scented with rosewater giving it a very sweet flowery smell that fill the rooms where they are sprayed. In Turkey, Kolonya is still used in this traditional way, it can also be used as a cosmetic cologne.

Originally, Kolonya was used for medicinal purposes, it is still used this way in Turkey today. Also, many people used it for its antiseptic properties and for massage, it can provide relief for muscle and joint pain. The high alcohol content is very refreshing and as such, it is offered to guests when they enter a Turkish home, hotel or hospital. It is also common to spray it on your hands when you finish a meal at a restaurant or gather for religious services.