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About Better Be Bold

The BETTER BE BOLD founder story starts with 2 best friends Dennis and Roberto and a great idea.

Like 8 out of 10 men, co-founder Dennis suffered from hereditary hair loss. The decision to go bald is brave, but extremely liberating.

For Dennis it was the best decision of his life, though he soon realised that having Zero Hair meant his scalp needed Hero Care. Now his hair was shaved off and he was bald, Dennis realised that being bald also had its pitfalls. Dry scalp, skin irritation from shaving and a shiny scalp. Since there were no suitable products on the market, Dennis and Roberto decided they had to change that and so their idea was born.

From hair loss to the best bald cream in the world. Dennis and Roberto are not sitting idle, they are continuously adding to their product range.

All their products are made in Germany from natural vegan friendly ingredients, you will not find any microplastics, parabens or mineral oils. Their packaging made is of glass and recycled PET.