Proraso Beard Exfoliating Paste 100ml


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Proraso Beard Exfoliating Paste, 100 ml

The Proraso Beard Esfoliating Paste keeps the beard healthy and shiny. It cleans, moisturises and protects the skin helping to regenerate.

Free of Silicones, Parables and Artificial colours. Dermatologically tested.

100 ml

This is part of the Proraso Single Blade Range  which is designed for Barbers.

Whether you like a clean impeccable shave, a long pilgrim beard or anything in between, PRORASO helps you to enjoy the best look.
Contrary to popular belief, beard growing and caring is not that easy. If you want to look like a gentleman and have a trendy beard you need to trim, design and nourish it regularly. Moreover, especially in the first week of growing, you might need to prevent some discomforts such as itching or a burning sensation on your skin.

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