Merkur Razor Futur Adjustable Safety Razor Long (Polished)


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This is a classic among razors. Built to last in Solingen, Germany, Merkur has a reputation for producing razors of the highest quality.

The Merkur Futur is a heavyweight safety razor. Beautifully balanced - this stylish modern razor is also adjustable allowing the angle of the blade to be altered to different settings.

Adjustments: 1 = least aggressive shave, 6 = most aggressive. Start with 1, and gradually work your way up until you get a satisfyingly close shave. The idea with an adjustable razor is to find the lowest setting that works, not the highest setting that you can stand. Lower settings minimize nicks, irritation, and razor burn, and with good technique can still deliver a great shave.

Ideal for those with sensitive or normal skin. Supplied with one Merkur razor blade. The Futur chrome-plated, chrome finish Razor is both stylish and practical with the traditional steel blade giving a first class shave every time.

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