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Limited Edition Men-ü Uber Shaving Brush

Comes with chrome stand and 15ml men-u shave créme tube in a great gift box and each pack is exclusively numbered as part of the limited edition.

  1. the choice of professionals
  2. no animal bristles & no bristle loss
  3. uses up to 50% less shave créme than a badger bristle shaving brush
  4. easier to clean & keep clean and therefore more hygienic

These men-ü bristles are smooth, solid & non-absorbent. Badger bristles are like human hair - scaly and often have a hollow core. Shave créme penetrates these bristles before product is held on the surface and is then applied to the area to be shaved.

Exclusive bristles with manufacture & turning of handle, preparation of bristles and final assembly all by the hands of skilled craftsmen in Italy.

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