Arko Shaving Cream Soap Stick (1piece)


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This soap lathers easily and quickly. It builds a very thick and lubricating lather

Fantastic potent and longer lasting scent

Very traditional packaging just for men who loves traditional shaving

Gives a close and smooth shave

Leaves the skin very smooth and supple

Made in TURKEY

Arko Barber's Shaving Cream stick is the king of the inexpensive soaps. To use this stuff properly thoroughly wet your face and rub the stick with a bit of pressure on the stubble until you can see a layer forming (you shouldn't use the stick to build lather). Then take a wet brush and build the lather on your face. There's no need for a mug. Just keep in mind that this stuff requires a bit of water to get going properly. It has the most slippery effective lather is one that is wet almost to the point of being runny. The scent is a classic barbershop note. This soap moisturizes well lathers well and provides enough lubrication that you can use it with any of your razors. It does require some fine-tuning as far as figuring out how much water to use when lathering. But it's fantastic stuff -- especially given its price -- once you make it work the way you want.

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Great value

Probably the best shaving soap for your money, it gets nice and creamy easily and lasts quite a while.

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