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  • Men's Grooming Products: Prorazo
  • Men's Grooming Products: Dr K Soap Company
  • Men's Grooming Products: Marvis
  • Men's Grooming Products: Uppercut
  • Men's Grooming Products: Parker
  • Men's Grooming Products: Haibond
  • Men's Grooming Products: Beaver
  • Men's Grooming Products: Captain Fawcett's
  • Men's Grooming Products: Pomp & Co

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Premium Retailer of Men's Grooming Products in Ireland has all you'll ever need for men's grooming products, men's skin care products, men's hair care, shaving products, beard oils and gifts for men.

Our Shaving Products and Haircare Products include everything from razors to shaving cream and from hair styling clays to body shavers. We also have a fantastic range of Gifts for Men. Our award-winning extended range includes Men-u, Proraso, Anthony Logistics, Baxter of California, TendSkin and crafted safety razors from Muhle and Merkur, as well as the RazorPit blade sharpener.

Check out our brands - Captain Fawcett, Maximus for Men, Burberry for Men, Osma Laboratories, Green People and Dr K Soap Company. have great Starter Kits for Safety Razors...everything you need for that perfect shave.